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I love Buddy Holly - I really do. I daresay that pop music and rock and roll would not be the same without him. He certainly inspired a lot of people (including, sadly, Joe Meek) I've gathered some of  …
CD | Pop
Something of an odds n ends pop mix. Think of it as "Toxic Pop Syndrome - Appendix I". A few non sequiturs, but that's the spice o' life, innit? For all my pop friends, I give thanks to YOU - and you,  …
CD | Mixed Genre
More in the bowling / dj-ing vein. Fun stuff to shimmy, shake, and shout about. You know... for kids! Mucho thanks to Lobster girl and Gerry for tracks. Those kids are just dreamy..... And thanks to th …
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Ah, what can I say about the mighty Goffin/King Brill Building years? For all the disposable hits they generated, there were scores of really amazing pop rock standards. I've gathered a few of my fave  …
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My intention with this mix is not to offend, but rather to generate discussion: I am an atheist, though I spent the first 20 or so years of my life as a rather devout (in my own estimation) Roman Catho …
CD | Mixed Genre
Don't ask me what the hell I was thinking when I put these tracks together. It's broken up into little mini-sets: some garage, some surf, some trash, some kookiness, all rock and/or roll. In my mind, i …
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OK, here's the deal. I really like Lee Hazelwood - I do. However, after listening to hours of the guy to make this mix, I'm just not sure that I love him. There's something really dated about those spo …
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Yes, my little friends, this is my loving tribute to the legendary Joe Meek, the man who answers the musical question: Could there be a less stable Brian Wilson? The man whose own story ends with "befo …
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So, did Link Wray invent the power chord? Did he invent riff rock? Did he invent heavy metal? The very notion that people ask these questions is testament to Link's place in rock history. Maybe he only …
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