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CD | Pop
First pop mix in a while, made for Mr. Matt Birt. Some new, some not so new - all pop, though the Waistcoats track is more garage (but still brilliant). Thanks to Robert for Plush. All right, let it po …
CD | Theme
Every garage snob worth his/her weight in soiled 45s becomes uncontrollably weak in the knees when hit with the sound of that almighty cheesy organ. Happened to me, I swear! Years ago, possessed by the …
CD | Theme
First off, I have to give great credit for this mix to several AOTM-ers who helped me out. Thomas Mohr provided me with the Atomic Cafe soundtrack, from which I have borrowed extensively. Other tracks  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Tell ya what, kids - this is my favorite mix in quite some time. A total trash and bizarro fest, tailor-made for the likes of Brad, Greaseball, George, Lo-Fi Jr., Casetta, Rich, Joey, Buglady and all t …
CD | Single Artist
I can't say enough good things about Ben Vaughn. Here's a guy who put out several great records in the 80s with the Combo, largely to little fanfare (though he developed a rabid faithful following). So …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Yeesh! This was a long time in the making - a sequel of sorts to my Toxic Pop Syndrome volumes 3 and 4, in two discs. These are songs by 80s garage, pop and psyche bands - bands with heavy 60s influenc …
CD | Mixed Genre
All hail slimy, greasy, dirty, filthy, ripped up, tore out rock and roll. OK, maybe that's a bit misrespresentative. No matter, this mix contains a few decades worth of slime and grime - some garage, s …
CD | Theme
Volume 2 in the series. Hope you like. If you ask me, there are few songs as great as "Sally MacLennane" and few musical experiences I cherish as much as seeing Shane perform this in NYC.
CD | Theme
First in what will be a 2 (or possibly 3) volume series. This was conceived and mixed by my wife, Katherine, whose knowledge of Irish music dwarfs my own. It was inspired by a fantastic Chieftains conc …
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