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If you like a mix cd just use it to create your own mix cd or at times a cassette as I do still make them as my car has both a tape & cd deck.

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CD | Alternative - College Rock
Bought a pack of blank cd's when shopping at Kroger & the cashier asked me about them & I playfully told her I would make her a mix cd. Some of my favorite songs ever.
CD | Alternative - College Rock
We joke "I am your Over Seas Girlfriend. Going to The Netherlands. Some of my favorite songs ever!
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
This cd throws in -SO MANY- great memories so I compiled them into a mix cd!
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
Made for my friend Kayla - 2 disc set , This is the dance cd from the gothic set.
CD | Mixed Genre
First mix I have made in ages. Made for a friend and over all theme and title *I have to credit my wife for the title* as it comes from the fact almost 90% of the bands here I have seen live and a few  …
CD | Theme - Romantic
Made a few years ago - speaks for itself & flows so beautiful :)
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
Made for a close friend who needed a bit of cheering up so I picked out selections of songs that I thought she would like & one's that cheer me up into a collection. Think she will be happy.
CD | Theme
Made for an acquaintance of 80's music I grew up with and actually reminded me of when I was in the 80's! LOVE the way it turned out! 80s defied genres! I love this cd I have to admit and making one fo …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
My newest demo , it tells a story of loss with the start of a ghost story and ending with precious in the story and Zydrate thrown in as a bonus. Dedicated to my friend Raven who lost her boyfriend and …
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