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If you like a mix cd just use it to create your own mix cd or at times a cassette as I do still make them as my car has both a tape & cd deck.

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CD | Dance - House
Demo MIX 2008 - Made for my wife and current demo CD
CD | Theme - Romantic
Originally made for me then I pondered our conversation more and made for a close friend that I am learning more of and growing as friends. Based around a conversation we had last night (June 16th -08) …
CD | Theme
She is but my own Labyrinth - My own metaphor of a friend. I think we understand each other well. She leads me down my pathways and when I hit the blocked wall I must back up and continue down the corr …
CD | Single Artist
Created to repay a friend for a very special favor she did for me. I am pretty sure she will be happy with it.
CD | Theme
My close friend Jenn just got a 2005 Ford Escape and needed some new music to play so I picked my favorite songs that I have been listening to a lot lately (aside from the gothic scene) This was the en …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
Mixes 1-3 were un inspired and mostly re-creating past mixes using a new program. This is borrowed from a few past mixes and added in some new stuff I have never played before. Demo disc for trying to  …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
Follow up to romance comes remorse... Follows a pattern of sorts. Made for my new friend.
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
Disc 1 of a two disc set for a friend that I just met , we share the same musical interests and I wanted to make her smile.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Based off of experiences , myspace profiles & a friendship that has lasted 13 years - made for my friend Jackie on to play on her road trip to New York next month. Every song is on here for a reason.
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