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If you like a mix cd just use it to create your own mix cd or at times a cassette as I do still make them as my car has both a tape & cd deck.

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CD | Theme
Each opening for Enigma is almost always the same and often are not even full songs.The 2 tracks by Enigma open the cd up nicely flowing through various mellow genre's following a theme of night and da …
CD | Electronic
When I spin I feel confident,sometimes cocky in the songs I play & shy and shaky on the inside. The latest demo cd of me spinning shows how I do things more so. I like to flow through genres. Here we h …
CD | Theme
Loud,heavy & aggressive but all shows extreme musical talent.From mid 80's thrash to current dark metal bands. This cd was made for my car when I wanted to hear something heavy. These are selected favo …
CD | Mixed Genre
The time is a flashback to when I was 16 and working in an arcade at a local amusement park. The radio was always on and I remember these songs vividly bieng played. Paula Abdul's first hit , Debbie Gi …
CD | Single Artist
First mix I have done in a while.The cd is a mix of some of my favorite songs by The Mars Volta. Mainly highlighting the bands Frances The mute cd and a touch of the newest release ScabDates. I was alw …
CD | Theme
Made for a couple that I am Dj'ing a wedding for on New years eve - here is the catch... They dont want any modern wedding crap as they say =) They want all music from the 30's - the late 50's - This i …
CD | Mixed Genre
A collection of songs to listen to while the dentist is putting in a filling this afternoon. All the songs are slower and give me some sort of comfort or good memories in some way or another. I just ho …
CD | Electronic - Industrial
Not quite gothic or industrial but a good mix of EBM with a few goth tracks thrown in. Starting and ending with VNV Nation with Bella Morte thrown in at the last second as an end of cd bonus.
CD | Mixed Genre
A completion mix for a friend at work who was working on the listing of songs when his cd burner crashed so I was asked to complete it. Given a few song titles and the rest was up to me. This is the en …
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