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CD | Electronic
A simple idea that wrecked my brain!!!! Anyone wanna start with the last song and do another one? I know i have half a dozen more possibilities, perhaps i'll do a second volume?!
CD | Experimental
I've had lots of driving to do for work lately. Grey, rainy, late nights stuck on country roads or being swayed and sprayed by big trucks. This is stuff that popped out of the CD pile and kinda made it …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Same as last year's kick-off mix, this is culled from the detritus laying about beside the decks after our NYE party...(to coin a lyric) And it goes a little something like this.. Intro track from Vert …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
WOOHOO...another Rebellious Jukebox set that went down a treat one early Sunday morn after a messy night recently. Heavy on the Spaceman 3 + Spiritualized influences you may note?! Or not...
CD | Mixed Genre
It's not quite the end of 2006 but thought i'd compile my fave tracks from all the mixes i'd recieved this year. Nods and shouts to the IMP'ers and DV'ers who've tickled my ears with these top top tune …
CD | Pop
...a pretty swift selection from one of my playlists. Used for the monthly IMP and DV mix-swaps. Does exactly what it says on the tin i believe...
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
As the song goes, "This One's Dedicated To The One I Love". Ballads of devotion, of heartbreak, desperation and adoration. Songs steeped in confusion, caring, lust and longing. S'just what that fairer  …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
...i've not posted a mix for a while, sorry adoring public! This is the last selection i put together for the monthly recipients of IMP and the most select bunch of Disco Volante - - Come join us!
CD | Experimental
...see part one's notes for the rambling reasons why