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CD | Experimental
Part One of a pretty consuming mix that i told myself i really must try and do. I thought just a wee bit toooooo much about this mix. In the end all my half completed lists and cd-rs were squeezed thro …
CD | Reggae
I recently found an old tape a long lost pal had made of top top reggae. So in honour of Shaun (and Ali) i dug into my collection to see how i'd been influenced by that original tape....there's some ol …
CD | Theme
This comes from another of those random sparks of inspiration. I was playing the Blackalicious track when my dad mentioned Tom Lehrer's, off ran our minds thinking of as many chemical elements in song  …
Cassette | Pop
Devoid of great record shops at certain periods of my life in various towns (or just in love with the charity shop?) i've amassed some terrificly curious 7" singles. Here are some of them as filtered a …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Not all my music is easily accessed. I have a few boxes of cds which i dip into and out of. They deserve shelves but ah well... I chose a box and went a-searchin for cover versions contained within...n …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mildly meditative selection from a lazy day. both the title and inspiration came during reading the sunday papers...*sigh*
CD | Single Artist
...if you know nothing of the greatness of Greg Dulli then i pity you. Here's (just some) of the songs he's covered across the Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers.
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Take a very dull day at work...add the curiosity of Cover Version Song the Internet, and voila! It's my "...from Elvis doing Bob, via Johnny, to Bob doing Elvis" cover version cycle. I'm  …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
1/9/2006 almost intentional selection of stuff that was left lying about after our NY party...think about 6 hours in just over 60mins! - submitted to IMP and DV as my January mix -