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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Decided to make a mixtape only using songs under two and a half minutes long. I also tried to make the transitions between songs as jarring as possible just for the fuck of it. Turned out pretty well,  …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
I got into a debate about the merits of hip-hop music on a forum I frequent. In order to try and prove my case that there is a ton of good hip-hop music, I decided to combine the best tracks off the tw …
Cassette | Single Artist
With most bands that I listen to with any regularity, I go through listening phases. I will listen to them obsessively for a period of time, but then shelve their records in favor of new/other music an …
CD | Country
I made this mix for a forum I post on. Most people there hold the same opinion I did a few years ago, that there is no good country music. I decided to prove them wrong. I realize a lot of this isn't p …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
My fourth annual autumn mixtape. I made this one later in the year, and while I've been compiling songs for it since I finished my autumn mix last year, it still feels a little rushed. I don't think it …
Cassette | Theme
Click to download (Link is dead for the time being. Be patient while I fix some things. If you actually did want to download this, just send me an e-mail, and I'll let you know as soon as I reupload it …
Cassette | Theme
Songs about death. Pretty straightforward. I tried to incorporate various musical styles, as well as include songs that represented many different angles and facets of death. I really like the first di …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
The third installment in my annual autumn mix. Once again, a bunch of acoustic and folk songs, because those sound like autumn days to me. This is for sure better than the first one, and maybe better t …
CD | Theme
One mix in a series of mixes a friend and I made for each other when he flew out here to Minnesota from California to hang out for a week. We each chose two themes for a mix, and then went in whatever  …
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