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CD | Singer/Songwriter
Another autumn mix, because I've found even more wonderful autumn-ey songs, as well as because last year's autumn mix had a few tracks that interrupted the flow. The title is a line I heard while on a  …
CD | Pop
As much as a love obscure sub-sub-genres of metal and rock like "Blackened Cybergrind" and "Ambient Deathgore", sometimes it feels good to listen to straight up rock, pop, and metal. This mix is a trib …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
Yay for hip-hop! This is about half of the stuff I've been listening to on a regular basis ever since I started a year and a half ago, after realizing that there is a ton of good hip-hop, it just doesn …
CD | Single Artist
A Godspeed mixtape made as much for myself as for a friend. It's amazing how much cutting out the movements, rearraging them, and doing a little simple editing and crossfading can completely change the …
CD | Experimental
Made for someone who started a band (Dark Grandpa, link above) whose sole purpose was to make fun of the plethora of "Satanic Metal" bands in our area. He wanted to get into Noise music after I told hi …
CD | Theme
Just a series of songs that remind me of autumn or feel like autumn for various reasons. Lots of good acoustic stuff.
CD | Theme - Narrative
Full title: "Someone to Spend the Apocalypse With, or, I've Come to the Conclusion That Forced Insomnia Will Be the Death of Me" Basically a narrative thing I made about the end of the world, and... we …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
This is actually a double CD set. A friend of mine handed me a bunch of blank CDs and said, "Burn me some stuff," so I did. I realize that there is some rock and folk and whatever, that it's not all po …
CD | Theme
This is a mix I'm giving to a girl, because these songs say everything I want to say better then I could ever say them on my own. The title is lifted from two songs on the album, "Botchla" and "Skin an …