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This is a playlist from a recent podcast/radio program I produced. More info can be found at my journal site:
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A summer-ish mix made for a "contest" winner at my blog.
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A pretty simple concept: 20 of my favorite songs from my 20 favorite CDs of this year, guilty pleasures (Cabrera, Killers, etc) and all. I have a complete write-up on all 20 at my journal if anyone is  …
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Alice Cooper (of all people) calls Roger Clyne "the best kept secret in America". I've been a fan since his days in the 90's band The Refreshments and his work with the Peacemakers (three studio CDs, o …
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Songs from my 10 favorites of the year. Tracks 5 and 6 are from the Dolly Parton tribute CD "Just Because I'm A Woman". I also consolidated Ryan Adams' two EPs and LP into one release.
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I made this to serve as a supplement to the forthcoming Best Of. The official release actually has a solid track listing but the band left off a some choice cuts. They probably should have done a 2CD t …
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A little something I threw together this morning, closed off with my personal favorite of Cash's songs.
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AKA "The Post-Prison/Drugs Years". Earle cleaned up his act and got incredibly productive. Quite simply, Earle is one of the most important singer-songwriters alive today. Period.
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With the exceptions of tracks 20 & 21 (which are b-sides), the rest of this is comprised of "unreleased" sessions that sound pretty good (better than your average demo anyway). Adams records a LOT of s …
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