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Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
A 2 disc set designed to show off 1) Some pretty good covers of Dylan songs and 2) The diversity of artists who have selected Dylan songs to record. Some of these were a pain to find!
CD | Single Artist
Damon Gough, aka Badly Drawn Boy, impresses me to no end. This is kind of a sampler of my favorites among his stuff that I have heard. The cover of "Thunder Road" is gorgeous.
CD | Theme
These were some random MP3s on my hard drive that I threw together in about 30 seconds to make "Cleaning The House" mix. The Guster track is awesome, BTW, from an equally awesome CD "For The Kids".
CD | Single Artist
Charlie Hunter plays an eight string guitar and makes it sound like an organ. I am mostly a rock/pop fan but I own every single one of Hunter's CDs. He is simply amazing.
CD | Single Artist
Josh Joplin puts it best in the first line of Tracks One on this mix..."I sound like Michael Stipe". Raise your hand if you thought "Camera One" (the group's one hit) was an REM song the first time you …
CD | Single Artist
Not really a "best of" because I wanted to include at least one track from each of their releases. Anyway...When I was in high school (1988-1991 or 'The Pre-Nirvana Era') everyone worshiped at the alta …
CD | Theme
Ok...Black Sabbath's absence is a total f-ing mystery...How can Talking Heads be in and Velvet Underground out?...The Ramones' 3-chord rock is credible but Kiss is not?...Hall & Oates are the biggest s …
CD | Theme
Another in what I am sure will be a flood of war-themed mixes. More thoughts on this conflict can be found at my blog:
CD | Theme - Romantic
Tuesday is my 8th wedding anniversary. The title comes from me remarking to my wife that we have been together "two terms", thus outlasting Bush Sr., Nixon, Carter, LBJ, and (hopefully) Bush Jr.
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