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My father is having bypass surgery tomorrow. I made this...a mix of songs he likes, songs I like, and songs I think he'll like...for when he is at home recovering.
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For those who don't was the trade deadline for the NHL. Over the last few days and weeks a whole bunch of players got new zip codes. Some got sent from great teams to sucky teams and other …
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I just read the book "Kissing In Manhattan" by David Schickler and it kicked my ass. Only the Bosstones and Dolly Parton are referred to in the book. The rest just kind of fits with what I was thinking …
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Typical romantic goobly gook. It mixes a lot of what I've been listening to lately (Peter Stuart, David Gray, Leona Naess) and a few I dusted off (Philosopher Kings, The Clarks, Mary Lou Lord).
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The mix title was a thought...the mix is the music that followed. I like to think of it as a political mix without any real politics in it.
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Some of my favorites from Jay Farrar and Co.'s three CD's ("Trace", "Straightaways", & "Wide Swing Tremolo"), plus some rarities as indicated. Cut from this mix (due to length) but still vital listenin …
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Why is AOTM cool? Because cool people promote some cool music that really uncool people like me wouldn't have otherwise known about if not for their efforts to champion the music they love. Gracias!
CD | Theme - Break Up
There is a message encoded in the track listing...
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As the title suggests...dumb song...all good songs (in my opinion). Beck is the the only artist I could find that fit well in both categories.
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