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Mraz's "Waiting For My Rocket To Come" has been one of my favorites of the last several months. This mix is a collection of his earlier work: Tracks 1-10 are studio recordings. 11-19 are live stuff.
CD | Theme
From "The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion": These are songs I've been listening to as I write a shorty story/novella. They are what I imagine being in a film version of it. Excerpts/rough draft  …
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I like Travis (terrible name for a band though)...kind of a nice middle spot between Coldplay and Oasis. Or something like that anyway.
CD | Theme
For some reason I think Ryan Adams could put an interesting twist on these songs and/or just do a nice spot-on cover. Track 18 is just a joke that was too rich to resist. :)
CD | Theme
This is a collection from band/artists, listed chronologically, that at one point or another in my life (for better or worse) were my "favorite", be it band or album it came from. Either because they t …
CD | Theme - Romantic
I made this for my wife. Ten years ago this weekend (1-18, 1-19) we went on our first date. Some of the songs are serious but mostly it's meant to be lighthearted and fun.
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I made this as music to accompany an essay I wrote on male evolution (or the lack of it). You can read it at
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Notes: I raided the "Not Another Teen Movie" soundtrack a little heavy; The Naked Eyes version was also a Marv 3 did a re-make of a; Yes, "Like A Prayer" was, in fact, an 80' …
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Soul Asylum kick ass...always did, always will. Dave Pirner's solo disc is great but I want this band back!
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