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CD | Blues - Classic Blues
I never stray far from the beats of R&B as this mix demonstrates. It captures my funky favorites from the early and mid-80s - a period when I was lucky to visit my brother Mike who lived in New York C …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
I'm bummed as every image I've custom created to go with my mixes has been deleted here. This is a test to see if, playing by the new rules were an image can't exceed 500x500 pixels, I'm actually able  …
CD | Theme
A mix celebrating the rush of a rousing chorus! Gospel-tinged voices make most of these selections memorable and moving. I admit to a soft spot for sweet 60s and 70s soul, and I had to include Meatloaf …
CD | Single Artist
From the moment I heard Chaka Khan's voice piercing the stratosphere in the thrilling horn-punched intro on "Once You Get Started", I was smitten. She's a diva who may not have the best fashion sense ( …
CD | Electronic
Synthesizer-heavy mix with a bit of jazz, pop and funk and all mostly danceable. Momentus as this is my first mix derived solely from iTunes downloads. My "stereo set-up" of CD and cassette player, tur …
CD | Mixed Genre
To me, the sound of an organ really punches up a song -- a Hammond B-3 fan, I am! Here's a selection of my organ-happy favorites.
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
This newly updated early 80s mix captures a specific era of r&b funk... all the cuts are danceable but have a lighter groove. Probably one of my best mixes in terms of achieving a similar feel and mood …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Combine musical genius, sudden wealth with intense media scrutiny and you can get some very freakish behavior. The original Jackson Five, driven to stardom by megalomaniac father Joseph, was a sensatio …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Originally fired by Prince from The Time for moonlighting as producers and missing gigs, Jimmy "Jam" Harris (keyboards) and Terry Lewis (bass) formed Flyte Tyme Productions in Minneapolis in the 80s. T …
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