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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
The CD soundtrack to an unproduced screenplay. A simple story of Mormons, lumbar punctures, underground cartography, Jell-O, kirkbuzzers, stained glass, kidnapping, sommeliers, peanut allergies, John S …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
The skinhead broke my nose at midnight. By 3 A.M., the two clean breaks on my x-ray weren't remotely as disconcerting as the radiologist who was smoking while taking the x-ray. I was next in line for t …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Shauna bought a meringue, whose transport required delicacy, concentration and both hands. Bimmer and I bought pizzelles; a tad effeminate, to be sure, but it left one hand free to throw a forearm shiv …

Sweet Chops's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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