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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
I'm dedicating this mix to a good friend of mine. I don't know if they'll ever get to hear it, but I hope if they ever do, they'll enjoy it.
CD | Theme
I'm rather proud of this particular mix. I think if somebody else came up with it and played it for me, I'd think it rocked. It's a mix of styles particularly appealing to me, and I hope others check i …
CD | Theme
MP3 Playlist | Theme
A hang ten mix for all summer lovers
CD | Theme
I'm finding myself being pretty damn proud of this particular mix. I happen to love quirky pop music, and this will do the trick for me when I'm in that mood. I started out thinking that all I was goin …
CD | Single Artist
The Gourds are the best band you've heard very little of or maybe not at all. They're music is an eclectic brew of rock, blues, cajun, honky tonk, and anything else they feel like incorporating into th …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Songs that ask questions and are about questions. After looking at the songs in the playlist, was there any question?
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme
Sometimes there's nothing like a listening experience of pure unadulterated, electrified, white boy blues. What us caucasian types lack in soul and experience we make up for in volume and passion. Only …
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