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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
introducing the second sammyg123 and natalyesaurus collaboration (since the first one went so well). the theme is a bit about nostalgia, a bit about growing old, a bit about the life that has been live …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Yet another winter-themed mix from members of the Mutual Appreciation Society. This is the first alt-dj collaboration between Bear and natalyesaurus, and we started off with the first track and just le …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
This is the first collaboration with sammyg123 and natalyesaurus, and you can definitely believe it won't be the last. The idea behind it was simple: songs that feature both male and female vocals. A l …
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
IN THE WORDS OF NATALYE the mix itself is 120 minutes, divided into two sides. the plan is that we'll eventually make tapes and trade them with one another, each designing our own cover art and such fo …
CD | Mixed Genre
Hemizen was my mixing partner for this first of three alt-djs we collaborated on - actually four if you count the Life Lessons mix. Terry has a fine knowledge of many different styles of music, some of …
CD | Mixed Genre
When Moe and I started down the path of this mix, it began as an undefined collection of songs. When we reached the e`nd, I'd have to say it was (and is) still undefined. That's not to say the result i …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
And there we went, Barry Dali and I, off to explore roots music. This has been probably my favorite alt-dj to date, mainly because Barry has such excellent taste in the music that appeals to me the mos …
CD | Mixed Genre
A while back, Retro Joe emailed to say he had an idea for a mix that I could share making with him. He'd put together ten songs, one for each year from 1975-1984 (which is for Joe the last ten year str …
CD | Pop
I have been following and enjoying the mixes of Pop Kulcher for some time. When the opportunity came to put together an alt-dj with him, I hopped at the chance. The result you see above (and below as w …
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