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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Dude. Village Green is awesome. Totally polished. Very Kinks. Bogwan is a bit rougher, but they rock. Check em out.
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Break Up
So, this was made spontaneously one night while a friend of mine was nearly passed out drunk on the floor and I was picking the music. We were talking about breakups and all this just came out. A littl …
CD | Theme - Depression
So, this is the finished product of that mix I asked for help with. I gave it to her, then I talked to her, then she left. That's how it goes, eh? VAST is a band I think a lot of people overlook, and I …
CD | Theme - Romantic
Well, this is kind of a story of a relationship I was in for a while. Started out with a definite reversal of traditional gender roles, which accounts for Lola....she approached me and had all the powe …
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
Well, this is a run of the mill unrequited love mix. I made it before it was cool and then lame to like Dashboard, but that's no excuse for November Rain. Sometimes you've gotta go with the classics, t …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Ok fellow mix-maniacs....I am in need of assistance. I have hit a mental block and can think of nothing more to put on this mix. The theme, if you couldn't tell from the name of the mix and the differe …
CD | Theme - Break Up
A mix that was an attempt to capture the way I felt during a long period of make up/break up bull shit. Kind of a cycle.
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme
Made for a girl who thinks that she is meant to be alone, but doesn't want to be.