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The son of a church organist father and pianist mother, South African born Brian Currin grew up surrounded by music.

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CD | Mixed Genre
What a task... I have over 1700 songs on my hard drive from this period, and I had to narrow it down to just 20 or so, and without repeating an artist! Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, Santana,  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Phew! So many great artists and tunes that had to be left off, but here is the next installment in my history of rock.
CD | Rock
A mix of rock 'n roll, surf rock and soundtrack instrumentals from the first ten years of rock 'n roll. I've also included South African band, The Shangaan's version of 'Skokiaan' (a potent alcoholic b …
CD | Alternative - Punk
Actually a mix from my son "Curmic"... over to him: This is my first mix I have submitted to, I hope you like it. I am a punk-rock-loving 15-year-old and I made this cd of mostly new punk song …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
I spend almost everyday on the road and when I get back home, I often sing to myself the opening line from Simon and Garfunkel's 'Keep The Customer Satisfied' which has given the title to this mix. I'm …
CD | Pop
So many Beatles hit singles to choose from, so I gave up and chose my favourite early Beatles album track which actually wasn't a single, only a track on an EP. Surf music, Soul, Spector's Wall of Soun …
Cassette | Pop
I made this mix tape way back in December 1975 when I was DJ'ing at a dancing school! All these songs were recorded from seven singles released in the previous 5 years, hence the very clever title. I w …
CD | Pop
Ok, here's volume 3 of my history of rock 'n roll series. As before, the "one artist, one song" rule applies. A number of classic songs and quite a few of my favourites have been omitted due to space l …
CD | Alternative - Punk
A prequel to The New Punk For Old Ears mix. This is a mix for my 2 teenage sons to show them that punk didn't start with Blink-182!Due to the limitations of a single CD, I've once again applied my "one …
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