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Cassette | Mixed Genre
it kinda looks weird written down, but I loooooved making it. I love every single song on here and was loudly singing along with all of them. Luckily the stereo didn't pick that up...
Cassette | Mixed Genre
All of the above songs are recorded off vinyl (meaning I was cross-legged for two hours on the floor in front of my temperamental record player). They crackle, pop, and in a couple of cases, just plain …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I haven't actually made this yet so I don't know if it'll work...what do you guys reckon?
Cassette | Mixed Genre
No better way to while away a dull Monday afternoon than listening to songs I haven't listened to (for the most part) for years. It's for my boyfriend.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
My dad and I agreed to make a mix tape for each other, with no criteria for content. This is the one he made for me, which is SO much cooler than the one i made for him, I think.