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The second volume of a loose collection of songs that all share The Groove. Part Two is darker and heavier than the first, as moods will vary over the next few discs.
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The first part of a loose collection of songs that all share "The Groove" in some form. More to come.
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This started out as a 60-minute tape of a few B?C favorites, then quickly mushroomed into this thing here. There's much more to Blue ?yster Cult than "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"....

Vlad the Accountant's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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Wow! Great Misfits tune, same goes for the rest of the punk sele ctions. And of course, Motorhead, Slayer, Ministry, Nirvana, Sabbath....pretty much the whole heap of heaviness.
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It's great to see someone shedding a little light on underrated music from an occasionally overstated band (I was truly horrified by the things I found on the two post Waters albums). Truly great.

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