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A mix for a long hot bath on what had proved to be a very long day (the day after prom, very limited amounts of sleep). The inclusion of Naked As We Came on here twice was actually an accident (I hit s …
CD | Theme
A mix for my best friend, chronicling some of our finest musical memories. Sort of a theme song of our existence. Please Note: The Britney Spears song is a little bit of a joke. It was so ridiculous th …
CD | Theme
My best friend and I both made name mixes for each other this evening. She put a small divider on either side of my middle name. I did likewise. A couple of these are symbolic, many of them are silly,  …
CD | Mixed Genre
For a best friend on an awful day.
MP3 Playlist | Theme
Made on what would have been the one-year anniversary of my best friend and a particular ex-boyfriend. Musical moments that are not so much about their relationship, but about my friend and me (and how …
CD | Theme
Mixing is the best way to procrastinate. This was for the friend who yells at me for doing things like mixing instead of essays.
CD | Mixed Genre
A friend of mine missed the honor roll by about half a point. She was sitting across from me kind of crumpled up and so I made her a mix.
CD | Theme - Depression
My father is lying in the room beneath me with the flu, occasionally calling me on his cell phone so he doesn't have to yell. I was thinking about U2's "MLK" and how it is nice music and even though my …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Actually on two CDs, but labeling as a casette is the best way to convey one complete thought. My friend LinnTa is something of a musical genius and plays/listens to/writes beautiful classical music, a …