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Cassette | Single Artist
A two-disc "best of the rest", custom-compiled to introduce a frie nd to some Dylan he hasn't heard before. He already has a solid set of Bob Dylan records: all the albums released during the sixties, …
CD | Mixed Genre
An LP-length set of songs to be tucked into a birthday parcel for a friend.
CD | Theme
The title is from Vonnegut's Player Piano (1952). This mix is my attempt at a Kurt Vonnegut portrait in music of sorts, compiled with fond regards for a writer whose books distinctly expanded my adoles …
CD | Single Artist
Lately I've been discovering Weller's solo work and revisiting The Jam and The Style Council. I have mixed feelings about Weller: he is and always has been a musician of consummate taste and skill who  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A 2-CD sampler of what to my mind made 1970-1975 such great years: proto-punk, acid-funk, art-pop, junk-boogie, art-glam, glam-glam, dub, krautrock, Yoko; the weird, the wunnerful, the dirty, funky, co …
CD | Theme
From Union Square to Hoboken, a swath of destruction.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A Frankenstein mix, following the original guidelines including "song order up to you" and "title = cool movie quote". (The title words appear on the door of the Brain Depository in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. …
Cassette | Single Artist
This is the first mix I've submitted, a 2-CD attempt at highlighting Elvis Costello's work from BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE up to his latest, THE RIVER IN REVERSE. It's compiled for a friend who hasn't heard m …