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Playlist | Theme - Romantic
I wonder if you will find this <3
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
CD | Theme
For Wade.
CD | Theme
Wade, dammit, I love you. Don't leave.
CD | Mixed Genre
A portrait of my annual trip back home to Canada: frostbite, fear, long distance driving, and love - a few seasons too late.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
This mix is for Wade, a "friend" of mine who just graduated from Temple and somehow found his way back here to South Jersey. My pity for his tragic move from center city to no-man's-land compelled me t …
CD | Theme
Mix about a romance between a perverted old lady and a good looking young jock! (wait...jocks are never good looking. sorry, my bad.) She chases, he resists - but not much, because she's sorta hot in a …
CD | Mixed Genre
If 10 tracks could reveal what the kids in my town do on weekends, this would definitely be the mix around these parts...
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for a young Canadian grad student I met this summer (you know the deal - short fling, no lines of communication left open, etc.) ....Notice the word "Breathe" in several songs...accidental.
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