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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
a mix for me to listen to on my way to my boyfriend's house. happy lovey theme goin' on here. title is taken from the eisley song.
CD | Mixed Genre
found this old mix in my desk. originally made for driving at night when i'm getting tired.
CD | Mixed Genre
songs for driving in winter. not a well put-together mix, just something i threw together last night to have something to listen to today on the drive to school.
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix for driving around on the weekends, when i need music to speed to as well as something to be reflective with. it flows pretty well. title is a line from the mates of state song.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a mix in progress. i have yet to figure out what to put on the other side.
CD | Mixed Genre
my mix that an ex and i used to listen to when he'd come pick me up in the mornings and we'd drive an hour to austin. good for ending a day, or starting one.
CD | Mixed Genre
mix for my friend ed on his birthday. i wanted to give him something happy and upbeat to listen and dance to.
CD | Theme - Depression
made for a friend of mine who wanted some music to be sad with. the title is a line from the violent femmes song.
CD | Mixed Genre
the title's an in-joke between a friend and i (the one who i made this mix for). enjoy!