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I rediscovered this Bitter Kiss mix of Dirty Day so I tossed together a little Achtung ten song taster for my drive to work mix.
CD | Theme
I rediscovered some rain songs this morning - a few drops of my favorites added for splashes & flavor. Enjoy
CD | Theme
Just a collection of songs to cheer me up from the cold I caught that I'm currently fighting.
CD | Theme
I was feeling these songs, today - for my drive to work and from home - after midnight mix.
Playlist | Theme
Mix made for a mentor poet friend of mine who's in the process of letting go, mourning and saying goodbye to so much. A Soundtrack to say you're not alone.
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Mix I made for a co-worker of mine who's actually a relative of Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson. She's raising her granddaughter who's heading toward her teens. I made my co-worker a Bob Marley mix that  …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
This is our One Year Anniversary mix that I made for mi novia, Michelle. Something I've been working on for a few months now. We just finished recreating our very first date. I wanted to make a mix tha …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
The last of my Holiday mixes, finished in time to wish everyone here a very joyous of holidays and a happy mix year. Enjoy these treats, classic cuts and newly uncovered gems that I discovered this yea …
CD | Theme
Here's the volume two of three Holiday mixes that I finally finished. These are some classics, my favorites and new gems that I discovered this year. Once again, Happy Holidays to everyone. Happy Mix Y …
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