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This is a Birthday mix I made for Mi Novia on the eve of our trip down to New Orleans. This is a mix of the soundtrack that reminds me of the city I loved that I once called home. These songs reflect c …
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My good friend Cate and I had a conversation about our favorite Beatles songs. This inspired me to go back and listen to all my Fab related songs in my collection. This CD is dedicated to Cate, I hope  …
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Perfect songs, are there any such things? I have come to the conclusions that these are actually a very personal and subjective thing. My idea of a perfect song may not be the same of anyone else. Thes …
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In the latest issue of Q Magazine about Songwriters there was an article/list of the perfect songs in rock history. This inspired me to create a mix on songs/performances that I were my idea of a perfe …
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An updated version of a mix I made last summer that I am giving to a good friend. She is a singer/songwriter who wants to cover a "summer" song for girl she likes at this gig she has on Tuesday. Since  …
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This is a PJ Harvey mix for my girlfriend. We're going to see Polly Jean in concert at The Orpheum. She wanted a mix to get re-acquainted with PJ's music before the show.
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A mix I made for mi novia Michelle because she makes me the happiest and I feel the luckiest to have found her. She has exquisite taste in music. We are going to visit her brother in Valenica, so I wan …
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my first mix posting in years, it's good to be back. I made this mix for a pool party that was supposed to happen today, for labor day, here to cool off during this hot as hades holiday heat we've been …
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A mix a month or two in the making. Now that she's away this is how I feel. This mix is dedicated to mi amor. To be Continued, baby. Te Amo. Just as Jeff Buckley sang..."I miss my beautiful friend." Mo …
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