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CD | Theme - Break Up
Another edition in my Heather unrequited mix series. Some classics and some live rarities--why not start the new year off with another eclectic mix; I added the R.E.M. song because she lives in NYC and …
CD | Theme
Another mix for Heather, my ex whom I made "Isla de Encantada." Don't you hate it when you make a mix for someone, you send it out and then you find a song(s) that you later on find would have gone per …
CD | Theme - Break Up
A variation of a mix a made after seeing the movies "Closer" and "Before Sunset" one weekend. This was a X-mas mix I made for Heather my ex for whom I broke up with six months ago. Before H & I got tog …
CD | Theme
One of the many mixes I made for Poker Night. We play Texas Hold 'em every sunday night and it's my job to bring the music. I leave the mixes hoping my buddies will be introduced to something old or ne …
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