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Mini-Disc | Mixed Genre
Ouch I feel as rough as a badgers arse! New years minidisc mix. A selection of my fave tracks from 2006.
Mini-Disc | Mixed Genre
First mix in quite a while, (first day of Summer!!) I wanted a few variations of genre's on this mix. Although it has a mainly electronic theme, I'm getting a bit fed up with all the typical electronic …
Mini-Disc | Electronic
First mix of the year, possible first mix of many. downloading mp3's on a 56k modem is a slow processs, allowing plenty of time to compile the mix. Choice cuts for your journeys, enjoy the trip.
Mini-Disc | Theme
I've always wondered about storm chasers. Having seen a couple of films and a few documentries, storm chasers intrigue me. I wanted a mix to listen whilst driving to work, also when sitting at my desk  …
CD | Theme
This mix, I've been wanting to do ever since I first saw the film. Excellent film with some great dialogue. I've tried to reflect the films macabre yet comical theme. I just had to inclue the dialogue  …
CD | Electronic
Stumbled across this website and I think its seriously awesome. Wish I'd visited here earlier. First mix, a bit rushed, just sit back chill and lounge. Massive amount of thought didn't go into the mix, …