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CD | Mixed Genre
I made a mix of all the songs that I want to listen to right now, so I can just play it continuously...
CD | Mixed Genre
The first mix of a set for a friend's X-mas present. No real theme at all- just songs I love that seem to work together. Don't worry- now that all my computer problems are solved (I think) I should be  …
CD | Theme
I haven't been on here in awhile- computer problems made it difficult for me to post and make mixes. To celebrate my return I am posting a mix of some of my favourite NWOBHM songs. Is there really no m …
CD | Electronic - Industrial
After overdosing on a bit too much Franz Ferdinand and the like, it seemed that I needed to clear my brain with a very different type of music. Most of this is CMI with some other industrial thrown in  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Third in the series I made for last weekend's excursion to Manchester- can you tell that I've been rather obsessed with Franz Ferdinand/ the Killers and all of Lawrence's output?... Lene's song is poss …
CD | Mixed Genre
I went up to Manchester for a few days and it seemed a good idea to make a few mixes to enjoy on the train and to give to all of my friends I was seeing. This is the second of four that I handed out (t …
CD | Mixed Genre
January can be an intensely lonely time- no one wants to leave their houses (at least, not here in London) so one ends up sitting around for days with no actual human contact. This has left me searchin …
CD | Mixed Genre
Just some classic sixties garage, frat-rock and psyche songs...
CD | Mixed Genre
A random mix put together for my friend who works in the reception of the "rock 'n' roll" hotel here, where he sits around bored all day waiting for the bands to start partying: this is supposed to ent …
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