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CD | Theme - Romantic
here we have the latest in my series of mixes for my wonderful girl. its delivery was supposed to coincide with valentine's day but unfortunately & quite predictably it's going to be late - this has ac …
CD | Single Artist
i've been hesitating & avoiding posting this on here since i finished it weeks ago. how do i accurately sum up the greatest recording unit in pop music history in a mere 80 minutes? i'm not quite sure. …
CD | Theme
this is my revision of last year's christmas mix, with intent to ship around to family & friends with (or without) gifts this holiday season. i went through about a dozen different incarnations of this …
CD | Theme
this is my autumn mix, which came together by bits & pieces over the past few weeks. i figured i'd made a mix for my least favorite season (summer), so what was stopping me from making a mix for my fav …
CD | Theme - Romantic
notes from the subject: Anthony and I met as a result of the Smiths, which is odd because I'm not their biggest fan, and he would be content watching Morrissey dance for days on end. This almost perfec …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
trying to get back into the swing of things with a bit of a curve ball... this may not be immediately apparent to any of you, but i am a huge hip-hop fan - i find myself often on the defense around my  …
CD | Theme - Romantic
today is my girlfriend's birthday - the most wonderful, beautiful, charming, loveable, adorable, sweetest girl anyone is liable to ever have the fortune of meeting - & this is her birthday mix. it's be …
CD | Theme
let me first say this: i hate summer; i hate the heat, i hate the humidity, i hate outdoor sports, i hate swimming pools, i hate drunken parties, i hate the beach, i hate everything associated with it. …
CD | Single Artist
first let me state for the record that the smiths are my second all-time favorite band (trailing only the beatles), & that johnny marr is my all-time favorite guitarist, & that morrissey is my all-time …
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