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CD | Theme - Romantic
the latest in my ongoing series of romantic mixes for my wonderful woman. after the brisk, breezy waltz of the last one, i shifted gears into a more sentimental approach -- something we're both suckers …
CD | Single Artist
i have to admit, i'm not usually one for single artist mixes -- the only time i put them together is when i'm trying to introduce a friend to a band or artist i like. other than that, i just don't see  …
CD | Theme - Romantic
another mix for the girl who makes my life infinitely brighter -- part romantic, part whimsical. this is still filed under the "romantic" category, even if i wasn't strictly so mushy or serious in exec …
CD | Theme
this is kind of a pick-me-up mix for a very, very close friend of mine who's going through a pretty rough time -- including a potential divorce, among other hardships. the amazing thing about this is j …
CD | Theme - Romantic
this is where it all really starts -- my last romantic mix was kind of cohesively fractured, & more of a bridging-of-the-gaps between the now put-to-rest get fresh flow series & the mixes i'll be makin …
CD | Theme - Romantic
if you look at my profile page, you'll notice that my last romantic mix was my very first one here, months & months ago. my love life has been a roller coaster over the past couple years: after struggl …
CD | Dance - House
first of all, i'd like to wish a very happy new year to AOTMers everywhere -- it seems everybody is slowly creeping back to the site, so i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. anyhow, onto the  …
CD | Theme
here's my standard annual christmas mix that i will be sending around to the family & friends i unfortunately didn't have the extra cash to bestow my holiday spirit onto this year. i actually had to se …
CD | Alternative - Punk
well here we go again -- the fifth volume of this particular series finds me indulging in yet another genre excursion: namely proto-punk, punk & post-punk, & its direct offshoots & influences. it does  …