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something fun to whet your appetites as i diligently work away at the next get fresh flow disc, which is well on its way. a couple notes: i'm not quite sure if elliott smith can be considered part of t …
CD | Theme
another mix made for a friend's birthday, as it seems like there's another birthday rolling around everytime i open my eyes; never-the-less, i decided to make a mix to commemorate the occasion for said …
CD | Mixed Genre
i previously stated that my last mix was kind of a precursor/outtakes compilation to this one, & i'm not sure if it's all too blatant to anybody but myself, but the evidence is there for those who care …
CD | Mixed Genre
personally, i'm not too sure what to think about this one. it came together - as a gift for a friend's birthday - from outtakes from the fourth volume of the get fresh flow, which i'm currently assembl …
CD | Theme
this is a mix i made for my mother's birthday, oddly enough, as she hits the big five-oh tomorrow (friday). while she may seem an unlikely candidate for a mix, i had to get rather creative with my birt …
CD | Pop
the get fresh flow's third installment sees the first (semi-) genre exercise in the series - here, i tackle power pop, pop/rock & its direct offshoots & influences. of course, i don't adhere completely …
CD | Rock
i made this mix as a request from a friend of mine who's never received a mix from me, or anyone else for that matter; & to be quite frank & honest, i'm not too satisfied with the finished product. i t …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
this is an alternating DJ mix i made with the only person i trust, music-wise, to collaborate with without having to worry about our tastes getting in the way of a cohesive & agreeable progression. i'm …
CD | Mixed Genre
for anyone keeping tabs, yes i did say this series was going to be a monthly affair, & i know it's only been a few weeks since my last entry - but to clear things up, i made the first installment a cou …