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Cassette | Mixed Genre
wow, why do i come to this site when 90% of the mixes on here are all the same trendy garbage? who fxxxing knows. anywho, this is punk rock, garage, psychedelic and noise rock. little bit of folk and b …
Cassette | Experimental
pop! indie rock! shoegaze! hip-hop! not so much! avant-garde, experimental electronics, noise, folk and psychedelia! yes! *also, this is not a cassette, but a podcast, but for some reason you can't put …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
despite the fact that there's a lot of structured songs to be found, this one still gets really noisy. for flow's sake i saved the harsh noise for the latter part of the show. blues, jazz, garage rock, …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
harsh noise, drone, folk, garage rock, jazz, pop and experimental grab bag of sounds. streamable/downloadable here.
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
this is the third episode of my podcast for my smooth assailing blog. jazz, traditional music from a few different countries, psychedelia, garage rock and only a touch of experimental and noisier stuff …
MP3 Playlist | Experimental
mmm. amazing. that's how i'd sum this one up. garage rock/punk, psych(otic) folk, french 60s, avant-garde, jazz, "world" music, harsh noise, experimental, all brought together rather seamlessly. check  …
CD | Mixed Genre
you can find this to either stream or download here. musically there's noise, drone, bluesy rock, thrashy rock, folk and a little avant-garde in there, too.
Cassette | Experimental
more experimental stuff. less noisy, more weird folky. still pretty noisy. oh, and for some reason matthew bower keeps ending up on my tapes in one form or another.
Cassette | Experimental
alright, here's one of a few new ones. i forgot this site existed for the past two years, funny. anywho, this is experimental. equal parts experimental noise, drone, weird jazz and psych-folk. i lied a …
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