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Challenge #3: Deadwood Stage by Doris Day initiated by myself
CD | Pop
I must admit that I cheated. I got all of these from Randy13's 80's archives. I apologize, but it's one of the fringe benefits of dating a brilliant man. Stay tuned for my next period piece: We Need Mo …
CD | Mixed Genre
Challenge Number 2: Captain of Her Heart by Double. For randy13
CD | Mixed Genre
For randy13. I finally succumbed to all the Sufjan sightings I've come across on artofthemix and checked him out. Sometimes people are on to things. The Ennio Morricone is beautiful.
CD | Mixed Genre
Can't think of a title. Suggestions? At any rate, this is a mix that I made for other people without taking any of their tastes into consideration. In other words, I made it for me, but I will be givin …
CD | Theme
I really do love Christmas music (with the exception of Mariah Carey shit etc.) I love Bing and Nat King Cole and Lena Horne and all the traditional stuff stores use to make you buy more. I'm definitel …
CD | Pop
June 2004. The dilemma: The Shins were playing a free instore at Waterloo at 5:00, but my sister and nephew were arriving at The Austin Bergstrom International Airport at 4:30. What to do? Well it's a  …
CD | Theme
A Self-Portrait mix, not based on the song titles however.
CD | Mixed Genre
Made last spring, before my computer crashed. You take 17 cds that you are listening to or enjoy in general. Then you record the 7th song. Well I hadn't really listened to this closely until now. It's  …
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