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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
mix name taken from the last track. i'm exchanging mixes with a boy who i've known forEVER and still haven't kissed. we're hoping to change that soon.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
an upbeat mix i made for the drive home.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
made for a guy i'm deeply infatuated with. haven't given it to him yet.. kind of scared.
CD | Mixed Genre
your eager eyes shining some glory we're chained and god i love that rock&roll don't look back in the black coffee bowl of your eye all the world is okay i couldn't stand up it's better this way i thou …
CD | Mixed Genre
my best friend is moving to austin, tx. this is a mix of songs that we listened to together and some new ones that i thought he'd like.
CD | Mixed Genre
the title of the mix pretty much sums up what these songs do to me. it all started when i went to go see eternal sunshine... for the 2nd time and i found myself holding my heart because it really felt  …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is sort of a sister mix to the last one i made "A Quiet Longing" except this mix is way more upbeat and happy..mostly because its summer and i need a happy mix for my car..anyway..the boy will of  …
CD | Mixed Genre
i've got a major crush on this boy. i like to think about him when i listen to this mix.. maybe someday we can listen to it together.. :) haha. so these songs are all a mixture of slowness, sadness, lo …
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