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CD | Hip Hop/Rap
When I was a third grader in 1984 Los Angeles, I took the bus to a magnet school across town. My bus driver was Mr. Sandoval, who I swear must have been the model for the bus driver on the Simpsons. He …
MP3 Playlist | Dance - Exercise
The 'ultimate mix challenge'reminded me of this game, where you usually have to use the first letter of someone's last name for the first letter of the next person's first name and so on... Don't know  …
CD | Theme - Narrative
1:50:55 (2 cds)
CD | Country
Started off trying to do a red state v. blue state thing, but morphed into it's own thing. enjoy!
CD | Experimental
A movement is accomplished in six stages And the seventh brings return. The seven is the number of the young light It forms when darkness is increased by one. Change returns success Going and coming wi …
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
Well, I stayed up until 'wednesday morning coming down' to take on the 'ultimate challenge' and finish this labor of addiction...Great idea, BTW. Enjoy! Found copies of all these songs except for Clyde …
CD | Theme
My favorite horror/hell/burning/bad trippin' itunes playlist. This is a two cd set. Enjoy! Country death song (Femmes), dancing in moonlight King Harvest), chase the devil (Junior Murvin), and brimston …
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