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Playlist | Mixed Genre
The title comes from a line in the first song on the playlist.
MP3 Playlist | Pop
I made this mix by choosing the song "Genius" by Duncan Sheik and then using the Genius function on my iPod, so I basically put no effort into the mix. :-) I think it actually came out pretty well for  …
CD | Mixed Genre
The title is from "Ol' 55". I think my subconcious created this mix because I didn't intentionally put the Counting Crows and Garbage songs next to each other, but they made me giggle when I listened b …

bluecat's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Single Artist
I'll have to do my own "Dar mix" soon, but this one's good, although it's missing "February".
by dice
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I got this mix in a trade with Abigail. Good driving music :-).
by dice
Cassette | Single Artist
I got this in a trade with Abigail.

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