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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
a gift for my friend anna.
MP3 Playlist | Theme
courtney love: love to hate her, or hate to love her? reckless and out of control or the the only true rock star left in america? (NB- not all songs are about her, I know, they seem as though they coul …
CD | Theme - Depression
BBC Radio 6 recently held a poll about the saddest songs of all time. The link is here. I'm a bit skeptical. The Brits must be losing it.
CD | Mixed Genre
A gift for the boy. I really wish that I would have spend more time on this cd, so that it wouldn't suck as much as it does. Bleh.
CD | Theme - Romantic
After a particularly trying week for me (and for my boyfriend by association), he's coming to whisk me away next weekend. First part of the mix is for the ride home, the second half is for slow dancing …
CD | Theme
What's that noise? Joy of joys: it's a girl group made of boys! I originally planned to make a compilation CD of my favorite funny Sicks songs for my boyfriend (under whose name I'm submitting this). T …
CD | Pop
Part two (with many more to come)of my ongoing project to burn two copies of cds: one for me, and one for my boyfriend, to be listened to at the same time, to make the distance not seem so much.
CD | Theme - Romantic
Surprise, surprise, long distance relationships suck. Therefore, my boyfriend and I are trying to do everything in our power to make the distance seem not quite so much. One part of our plan is to make …
CD | Theme - Romantic
Not the greatest cd, but not bad. Some songs seem like they shouldn't be on the cd (ie. the kleenex girl wonder, leona naess) but it works out fine in the end. I'm kinda regretting putting Interstate L …
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