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CD | Dance - Hardcore
it's cool when you have 28 songs on your cd even though one's nine minutes long. this is meant to be an overview of sorts of my own made-up genre "chaoscore". cos i like my own genres better than the o …
CD | Single Artist
notable missing track: grounded. but it was that track, put on a mix cd, that got the person i'm making this mix for intrested in pavement in the first place. no need for redunancy.
CD | Single Artist
goes up to crooked rain, crooked rain and accompaning singles. all the obvious songs (i.e. singles). but i'm both a sucker for pavement's more unique slices of weirdness and their prettier more expansi …
CD | Mixed Genre
many moods, many moody.
CD | Mixed Genre
i was going to stick to a particular genre... but then realized i didn't have enough good songs... so i scrapped that plan.
CD | Mixed Genre
there's a certain feeling i was aiming to achieve. hard to put into words though. the title is from the world of pooh song. not in the least autobiographical or anything. steve-o is the fucking man. ha …
CD | Mixed Genre
i really am sorry about taking like four months or something ridiculous to make you your mixes. so all five of the cds for you are now completely finished. just have to mail them off.
CD | Alternative - Punk
a sort of theme of punk related type stuff for my friend steve-o, except for the first track and the last four. i liked the silver mt. zion and talk talk (and consquently felt steve-o must hear them) a …
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