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CD | Mixed Genre
I count 7 of the 21 songs being from 2010. I was making this for my friend Danny Gibson ( when he reminded me of these best of the year mixes we used to make. Just all my favorite songs f …
Cassette | Theme
I'd been thinking of 3-4 song combos that I wanted on a mix and eventually had enough songs to make this. Check out Heater, from Columbia MO. Good guys.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
made on may 21 and 22, 2010. it was a weekend. made for myself.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Shit to zone out to. Some mellow some heavy. I kind of winged it for the last 6 songs. All good stuff though. I planned for the end of side 1 to be a trip back to the 60s and then start side 2 with new …
Cassette | Theme
this is an update of my 2004 best of. the songs i liked the most this year. i got a good turntable for christmas so now i made it a tape not a cd. trans am is a good centerpiece for side 2. and this is …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
title comes from brian eno. this is my attempt at a perfect headphone mix. i'm really proud of the way all these songs work together. 13 songs, 77.5 minutes. perfect for sleeping, or for being high wit …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
so this is just a female mix. i purposely tried to keep all the songs not too aggressive but good anyway. and the title of the mix comes from the country teasers. "i can pick up big things because i'm  …
Cassette | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
i had to cut out metallica and bobby conn on side 2 to make room for the long songs. but this mix is the shit. so fuck!
CD | Mixed Genre
this is my first half 2004 best of i guess. so that's it. there's a lot of people who i think would love the ponys. and their album is called "shishimumu" not "laced with romance." that's a different g …
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