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CD | Mixed Genre
yeah whatever. a first song first and a last song last. i don't care. this is for a friend who just got back from poland and didn't even see any leprechauns. it flows nice. the whole thing meets my sta …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
talked to a girl at a party and told her i would make her a tape. it turned out very well for being made in one day. i tried to not let the mood get too down. this is nice.
Cassette | Theme
110 min. tape. been meaning to make forever but just now refound the first amanset cd buried in my room. the first side is perfect. i listened to it last night tired and it set the mood perfectly. and  …
Cassette | Single Artist
suede is good. there is a nice order to this mix. i want comments. give them now. all these songs are nice. har har har.
Cassette | Theme
three great singles artists, all good to dance to. i chose all singles because as good as i think all these artists are, their singles are the best, according to me. and they sound great together. ever …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i was really pleased with the result. All the songs go great together and I think that of all my mixes, this one by far works the best as a whole. It took me about a week to get the tracklist right. Th …
Cassette | Theme
i know there's 16 songs but the last song is the best song ever. and i had extra room. for my girlfriend on our 6 month anniversary. and the belle and sebastian song is from their new single. i wanted  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
made for my roommates 22nd b-day. the first song mentions being 22. the first side is very very good. He likes every song except the jamc song. My girlfriend, blissfathom, says the miles and mom songs  …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is for a friends birthday. so it's all up and fun-ish. strange currencies is one of her favorite songs. she's now 24 and i wanna be sedated is the only song i could think of that uses the number 2 …