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CD | Single Artist
22 of the best blink songs compiled in random order
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I made this right before summer so I could have something to chill to while hanging out, it does the job
CD | Alternative - Punk
A mix I threw together today, pretty good I think. I've made a bunch lately that I still don't have on here, so hopefully I can get them on here soon
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
alright, I know there's only like 4 artists on the mix, but it's really old and it's just from a playlist on my comp, I used to make a bunch of mixes like this with only a couple bands, I have no idea  …
CD | Alternative - Punk
Just bought the new Yellowcard cd, and it's one of the best cds I got this year, most of these songs are from other cds I got this year, some before, but they're worth checking out
CD | Mixed Genre
Honorable Mention Janes Addiction- Just Because This is not a real mix,although I'm making one with a lot of these songs, I just put together this list of great up-and-coming songs for summer that seem …
CD | Pop
I just made this mix yesterday, I've been trying to get as many songs like this as I could for the last couple of weeks, and I just made this as kind of a sample disk, so I could get some of these song …
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this one a little while ago, I don't know I think it's pretty sweet, I listen to it a lot, but I can't find it right now which sucks
CD | Mixed Genre
I know it's not my best, but I really like a lot of songs on here, and I know it's not really mixed, but I just always listen to it on shuffle anyway, it works