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Cassette | Theme - Romantic
this tape is almost a year old now, but lately it's been playing in my & my girlfriend's car almost non-stop. i gave it to my sarah when we first started dating. there are (duh) songs about looooove, b …
Cassette | Theme
made for shawna moodie, canadian mixtress extraordinnaire. this tape is part of a trade with the theme queer/grrrl/genderf-ck/identity politics. i added a little tribue to american values in there, too …
CD | Theme
this is a mix i made for a gay boy friend who only recently came out & is still a little shy about certain people knowing he's gay. i thought some queer music might boost his pride level. it was really …

chewtoyheart's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Mixed Genre
the title rocks my world. why can i never come up with good titles? i'm a poet, fer chrissake! francesca makes a meeeeeean mix. i love pretty much everything she does.
Cassette | Theme
Cassette | Mixed Genre
heh, this is a narcissistic choice because quite a few of these songs have already been on mixes i've made... but the collection here is sooo good! the frumpies, cub, excuse 17... mmm, that's good mix.

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