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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
A little mix I take my photos/paint to. A little heavy on the Lynchness, maybe, but then again so's my art. :P
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Yes, as you've probably deduced, I reeeeeeally like The Cranes' Wings Of Joy album lol. :)
CD | Single Artist
I really need to pick up the new one...
CD | Theme
Created at 4 AM whilst baked and watching Samurai Jack on mute and eating leftover Hawaiian pizza. Good times. Did I mention I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland?
CD | Mixed Genre
God, I love Family Guy. Umm...I had a couple monster energy drinks before I made this. Me likey Pixies.
CD | Mixed Genre
The title comes from a Frank Black song...which isn't on this mix. Hmmmm....
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, I bothered with an "intro" and an "outro", both creepy Tom Waits instrumentals. Let me set up the mood in which this mix was conceived: 5 AM, no sleep in two days, eating cheetos and watching Ste …
CD | Mixed Genre
Memories and certain atmospheres I've created for myself...snapshots from my own little world, I guess you could say...the title is from this weird place in Ebisu, Tokyo, I think it was a fast food res …
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this mix for my mom so she could have some dreamy ambient music to paint to. she loved it. me happy.