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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Another collection of tunes from my vinyl collection. Settling into a new place and a new job fostered the need for me to just put something together and so it was done without any kind of set plan. I  …
Cassette | Theme
The Latest in my series of cassettes culled from my vinyl library focuses on my small but choice collection of 45s. Made with a particular friend in mind, it can be a bit erratic, but it's designed for …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
This is this year's edition of my iPod cleansing. Something I started three years ago with my brother- every fall I go through my iPod, put the top 20 tracks by playcount into a playlist (omitting dupl …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
sweet soul music... kinda explains itself.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A return to the Rob Gordon series culled from my vinyl library. After a couple diversionary exercises (the 'Dick's Mix' pairing) I'm back and playing by the rules, using exclusively vinyls that have no …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
A mix made for a recent sojourn from Tornto to Ottawa... before 'Sens Fever' caught on and was mercilessly and awesomely vaccinated by our friends in Anaheim.
Cassette | Blues
Yet another exercise to stretch the legs of my vinyl collection. This time I combed through all my various blues sides and pulled the best tracks I could come up with. Proved difficult at times, what w …
CD | Mixed Genre
My brother complained that I haven't made enough mixes recently. Even though I made one just last month, I satiated his request. Enjoy!
CD | Mixed Genre
A helping of songs to push me into the new year. A collection of stuff new to heavy rotation in my life- some come with an assist from a friend (kudos to Paola, Erin and Step for multiple assists).
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