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CD | Single Artist
...Trail Of Dead are absolutely amazing; one of the best bands around by far, and not enough people know them, which is Not Right. I've made this particularly for one of my friends, but I plan to make  …
CD | Theme - Sleep
The sequel to Songs To Ignore, this is a mix of nice, mostly gentle songs which one can put on as background music to work, sleep or just to lie down to, but which are also great and can thus be listen …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A friend is long overdue a tape, and she's just gone to university, so it will be nice for her to get this and know someone cares. I think it's quite a good tape for Autumn, too. I wasn't too sure whet …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a CD of summery/upbeat/smile-worthy songs made for my friend Gloria, partly for her birthday. It's not meant to be exciting, or innovative, or cutting-edge; just a collection of happy/bouncy-is …
CD | Single Artist
I made a slightly different version of this in early 2002 for my History teacher, hence the selection of reasonably un-rowdy songs and nothing from Elephant. I will make a White Stripes mix including E …
CD | Theme
Until I visited this site, I didn't know that everyone had the idea of making an alphabet mix, and thought I might be being a bit original. Still, nevermind. The main point of The Alphabet was for me t …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
I couldn't find the tracklist for Side B of this, so submitted it as a CD. However, thanks to mischievous demons, I have refound the tape, so here is Side B. There are variations on this tape as I've u …
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
I made this for one of my teachers when I was about 15. You can tell I was 15 with the inclusion of Hole, Feeder and THAT REM song. Bad choice of Oasis, too. I remade it a year later keeping Side A and …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
This is actually one half of a tape I made for someone, but the other half was rubbish, so I refined it a year or so later without retaining the tracklisting. But I think this might stand alone as a CD …