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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
...humiliate him by kicking his ass, getting more chicks, dressing better, or meeting the rapture. 3 out of 4 ain't bad. image courtesy of "you're such a tough guy (rasputin employee), …
CD | Alternative - Punk
yeah. shame on me, i used too many played-out retreads and whatnot, but when somebody's been out of your life for a couple of years, i think a "greatest hits" cd is appropriate. p.s. i bet you suckers  …
CD | Theme - Depression
disc two of a two disc set for my hellof electroclash co-worker mike. this is the "schweepy" one. my previous recommendation to shop at streetlight records in the bay area is still valid.
CD | Pop
disc one of a two disc set for a co-worker of mine. this is the "rawking" one. if you live in the bay area, shop at streetlight records kiddos.
CD | Single Artist
definitley one of my favorite bands. frantic neo-classical art-damage post-punk. the new album, "a promise," is fucking amazing.
CD | Single Artist
for a girl who thinks the velvet teen is where it's at. i really really hate the velvet teen. on an unrelated note: what is it with short motherfuckers? always acting like they got something to prove.  …
CD | Mixed Genre
except for kylie, everybody's british. and who cares what country she's from? it's my duty to please that booty.
CD | Mixed Genre
a CD. of stuff. for my cousin.
CD | Single Artist
the (i'm sure) long-awaited second disc to my joy division compilation. demos and live recordings. presented in the order their studio counterparts hit the streets, if at all. i still hate all women.
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