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cumbers's Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
i like the perculierness of it like odd mixes plus all these are tops..... Grandaddy, Velvet Underground The Zombies Bob Dylan The Delgados Lovin' Spoonful Fairport Convention Black Sabbath Haircut 100 Apples In Stereo
by lyra
CD | Theme - Road Trip
this is a mix as in mixture all this in one package Beatles Blur The Shins Belle & Sebastian The Stone Roses Otis Redding Stevie Wonder Badly Drawn Boy Travis Wilco Beach Boys Stereophonics something else but i cpoughed and forgot
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
ok there is this Badly Drawn Boy The Shining 5 Ben Folds Fred Jones Pt 2 6 The beta band Squares 7 wilco Jesus, etc. 8 Doves The Sulphur Man 9 Elliott Smith Miss Misery and then later comes nick drake and portishead so i like it but it isn;t very well directed i mean it has multi folk and so i think you aren;t allowed to do thet or supposed to, rather.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i am proud of this one
by Juan 1
CD | Mixed Genre
soda will be all manchesterd
by reina1
Cassette | Mixed Genre
how does one have similarness in beatles le tigre femmes badly boy elliot smith radiohead bassment jaxx kings of con whit stripes black eyed peas and rufus!!! wow this is truely amazing i wonder how you fit it all on?
CD | Mixed Genre
fergs strikes again
by Dean
Cassette | Dance - House
mmmmmm delishiious jamiroquai
Cassette | Single Artist
stereolab by spacelab
by alexo
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i want to add people
by alexo
Cassette | Mixed Genre
le tigre hornby
by soda1
Cassette | Theme
jims away
Cassette | Mixed Genre
apples in stero to rufus and clem snide this shit is gerd
CD | Mixed Genre
this is grandious i really dig it i hope one day i will eat out in a town painted with these colours
by SueEW
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i am intreged as i know few tracks but the feedback is amazing and it got mix of the week she she is perf