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CD | Mixed Genre
i've probably had better days... so thought i'd make up this misery-able piece for the silly little boy i am... actually some of it's probably happy... pretty basic stuff here (at least i think so) and …
CD | Mixed Genre
sometimes you just want to scream... which is nice... so i decided to split up "all you need is love"... sacrilegious i hear you cry!! but it's like an 80 minute expanded version with screaming and non …
CD | Mixed Genre
made this up and when i listen to it makes me think i've just awoken on some nice sunday morning in the middle of summer... only it's thursday and january...
CD | Mixed Genre
this mix soundtracks some sort of secret world in my head... in fact this is like a bit of that world leaking out into the real world... or something like that...
CD | Mixed Genre
i have no idea what is going on with this mix... it started off with songs which gave me a feeling of disintegration... the world slowly fading away... something like that... except in the end it works …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is a mix of spoken word and instrumental tracks... i thought it would be a nice way to save people around me hearing my awful voice singing along to songs...
CD | Theme - Narrative
well it's pretty obvious the theme of this... all songs about "she"... whoever she is... ("she" sure is popular to have been written about so often)luckily most songs with the title "she..." follow mor …
CD | Mixed Genre
these are some songs which i would quite possible dance like a deranged thingy to... but then again maybe not...
CD | Mixed Genre
this is a cd for a barbeque which i'm going to today... to be honest, it's three days of drunken idiocy... so i'll probably hear the above songs a lot over the next 3-4 days...
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